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Frequently Asked Questions Some common questions about flags and flag care

For the Canadian flag the most common size is 3'X6'. So, the proportion for the Canadian flag is always 1 to 2. For the sake of uniformity, almost all of our National, International and Provincial flags are 1:2 in proportion but the United States and other International flags will vary. A standard United States flag is 3'x5' or a 2:3 proportion. However, most often people require a 3'x6' flag for a 20' pole.
There are many rules of protocol for flying a Canadian Flag. The federal government has produced an online version of their Flag Etiquette in Canada Handbook. If flying flags on a yardarm pole (a marine pole) the position of prominence is on the gaff.
For an 18 foot pole we recommend a 27"X54" flag. For flag poles in the 20 to 24 foot range we recommend a 3'x6' (36"X72") flag. For those really BIG poles, The Flag Store can provide you with a flag as large as 20X40 feet!
A flag should last for at least one season. Weather conditions will determine if it will last longer and in most cases, it will. Remember, winter conditions, the cold, night air and freezing rain can be particularly hard on flags. Removing flags from these conditions will extend the life of your flag.
Absolutely! A nylon flag will be heavier in construction but will take more wind to fly. However, the colour is brighter and usually more attractive. The polyester flags will take less wind to fly but can be easily printed to accommodate complicated patterns. There are also many other fabrics to choose from to suit your needs.
Usually two weeks, however, we will always do our best to meet any delivery time. We've had many "flag emergencies".
Pennant strings consist of a series of small flags sewn together on a long string. They can be used for attracting attention and are most often seen in car lots. Bars and lounges also display indoor pennants to advertise their different brands. Ultimately, a pennant string is a great form of advertising.
Blue, Green, Red and Yellow action flags can certainly add to your business' visibility, but they don't communicate a unique message about your company. If you're on a budget, consider mixing action flags with custom flags that deliver a strong message about your company or organization.
Flags can be hand washed in a mild detergent (clear, dish type). You can iron flags at the lowest heat setting. However, we recommend hanging a flag in the steam of a hot shower to remove wrinkles.
We can install anything we sell - at very competitive rates. We have all the equipment required (including a 45' reach bucket truck) and our professional installation team is experienced in handling any size job.
At the Flag Store, we proudly arrange to dispose of your flags at no charge, by sending them to our local Scouting Groups, so that the flags can be burned in a dignified manner (s stated by Heritage Canada). Feel free to drop them off!
Files should be supplied to us in a print-ready format, either in Adobe Illustrator (Ai) or EPS with pantone numbers indicated, fonts outlined and no bleed.
We have a Bucket Truck with a 45' reach for all your installation needs!
Yes — it's funny how many people ask us that question. A flag and a banner is made the same way.

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    Just wanted to say thanks. The flagpole arrived and was packed well. The driver was helpful and there were no issues with the shipping, packing or delivery at all. The installation was straight forward and it looks great! Thanks again.  It was great doing business with you.

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    We were very pleased with the interactions we had with The Flag Store and we are thrilled with our new flag. We wanted to order our flag from a business in Canada and not from a big box store.  We made the right choice in purchasing from The Flag Store.  Your entire staff were professional, prompt and communicated efficiently to help us with our order. Here’s a photo of where our Canadian flag resides — on the shores of Lake Erie. Thank you again for your product and service.

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    Thought you’d like a picture of our flagpole and flag. I’m really pleased with everything. Thank you, Flag Store!

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    Just wanted to let you know we installed the flagpole, very straight forward, went off without any issues. It looks great!! We are very happy with it.

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Please note for printing: Files should be supplied to us in a print ready format, either Adobe Illustrator (Ai) or EPS with pantone numbers indicated and fonts outlined. (If files are not print ready additional artwork changes may apply).

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